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Fernandes Family Enterprises
Join our coalition of entrepreneurs supporting family-owned businesses in the battle against the mega corps. Contact us to join the family and check out our partners below!
A Reselling Business
The link between you and the products you want. Visit our e-Bay and (soon to come) Amazon Stores to take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts!

Art of Fame

New England’s Brand You Can Trust
Specializing in Premium, Hand-Crafted, 1-of-1 Hats, Hoodies, T-Shirts, Cross-Bags & More!
-We Art the Culture-
Music Production Company
Located in Las Vegas, NV New and existing artists are welcomed to explore full project management or individual vocal tracking, mixing and music production services
Singer & Performer
Multi-talented singer, songwriter and model available for gigs and performances
Music Producer & Engineer
Transform your melodies, refine your beats and make your sound unforgettable with I AM JORD music production and engineering